The Stichting Academy for Creative Leadership is a partnership between the International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC, Buffalo State, State University of New York) and the Center for Development of Creative Thinking (COCD vzw, Antwerp, Belgium).








The foundation aims to promote creative leadership in Europe. In this capacity it facilitates the ICSC’s graduate level programs in Europe: the Graduate Certificate in Creativity and Change Leadership and a Master of Science Degree in Creative Studies. These programs will be offered by the ICSC at Buffalo State to a European cohort of students organized by the Stichting Academy for Creative Leadership through a combination of both seated and internet-based courses.


Program Office in Amsterdam


The Stichting Academy for Creative Leadership is registered in the Netherlands, Chamber of
Commerce No. 63310511.

The foundation is located at
Panamalaan 2E in Amsterdam.


CRKBO Beeldmerk Geregistreerde Instelling


The Stichting Academy for Creative Leadership meets the quality code of the Dutch CRKBO, a central registration of institutions delivering short vocational education.

You can check the registration on the webpage of the CRKBO.

The foundation is qualified for exemption of VAT.



Director Distance Master's Program in Creativity and Change Leadership in Europe - Branko BroekmanBranko Broekman is director of the foundation. He coordinates the programs of the
International Center for Studies in Creativity in Europe.

Branko came home in 1997 to the inspiring, rich world of creative thinking. Since then he helps people cook with Columbus’ egg. The fun and passion that springs up when people are forging surprising, original alternatives for complex questions is his drive in work and life.
As a facilitator of solution sessions and as a trainer he offers an effective structure to switch on one’s imagination and to create.

Branko has a Master of Science in Creativity and Change Leadership from SUNY (the International Center for Studies in Creativity, in Buffalo, New York).


Information and processmanager - Conny van der Wouw

Conny van der Wouw is information- and process manager at the Academy of Creative Leadership. In this role she is responsible for collecting requirements for information, designing & implementing office processes and maintenance of ICT resources.
She contributes in the organization of events and in the promotion of the program in Europe.

Since 1992 Conny supports companies and organizations in problem solving programs. When she discovered the enriching power of creative thinking in 2005, she embraced this way of thinking and integrated it in her work and life.

Conny is pursuing ICSC’s Master’s program in Creativity and Change Leadership in Europe. She expects to earn her Master degree at the end of 2017.


No results come without the effort of individual people. Next to the work that the partners put into bringing the Master Program to Europe, a team of professionals and volunteers contribute to the work of the Academy. In particular, we like to mention the contributions of Anneke Veenendaal and Imke Nabben.