Last Friday the students of the first cohort in Europe presented their Master’s projects. We are proud they all earned the Master of Science degree in Creative Studies! The students all did a great job in their capstone course and presented wonderful products. Curious about what they were working on?

Project Nicolette WeverNicolette Wever’s final project is about the power of visual communication. She developed a product called Visual Feedback. During coaching sessions, it makes the unspeakable visible.



Project Yves De SmetThe project work of Yves the Smet is about creativity augmented by Artificial Intelligence. The project explores the potential for using artificial intelligence (AI) in Creative Problem Solving (CPS) to facilitate a creative process. It invites members from the technology and CPS communities to see the opportunities for AI-augmented creative problem solving, and to join forces to turn those opportunities into reality.


Project Jennifer Gippel“Retirement by Design” is the topic of Jennifer Gippel’s work. It brings together the concepts of creative thinking and retirement to provoke new thinking around the question many soon to be, or new retirees grapple to answer: how will I still matter, remain challenged, and keep achieving― perhaps even my best?


The project of Anna Packham was about metacognition. Her Master’s project provides an insight into how metacognition can be integrated into a Creative Problem Solving training with the aim of enhancing the participants’ understanding of relevant strategies employed in the context of creative thinking, enabling them to accelerate the application of their learning outside the training environment.

Project Carian van der SmanCarian van der Sman has been working with healthcare professionals on the question how to support healthcare teams with the implementation of creative solutions. She is shaping a toolbox out of the outcomes.


Pamela Pauwels’ Master’s project focuses on the development of an in-company leadership curriculum to provide leaders and supervisor with theoretical background and a “ toolbox ” to develop their own and their team’s innovative and creative behavior.

Project Conny van der WouwDo you no how to teach creatively on an online platform? Conny van der Wouw developed a product that discusses the opportunities and challenges of a creative climate when teaching online and provides strategies to develop creativity during the online learning process.

Project Gonnie Kleine


Gonnie Kleine developed an app, A Creative Route planner, which can be used to guide individuals through the process of creative problem solving. It provides lots of tools and worksheets. It is a way to increase confidence in your own creativity.


Want to read the project papers of the Euriginals? You can download them here: