Posted on Aug 28, 2017

This summer the first European cohort, named the Euriginals, finished their last Summer School. They are now in their last phase of their Master’s program in Creativity and Change Leadership. The Euriginals will work on their Master’s project this fall semester and expect to earn their Master of Science degree at the end of 2017.


Nicolette Wever about her last Summer School:

Nicolette's Summer School 2017“From 25th of June to the 7th of July I immersed myself with other students and two professors at ICSC’s Summer School in ‘Current Issues in Creativity Research’ and ‘Advanced Cognitive Tools for Creative Problem Solving’. We’ve learned tools and techniques to stimulate divergent and convergent thinking at a meta-cognitive level. These Thinking Skills were evaluated through a teach back to the class:….. Nerv wrecking to be reviewed! Coming five months I’ll be writing papers and hopefully I’ll have my Master of Science degree in December!”



Conny van der Wouw about her last Summer School:

Conny's Summer School 2017At the beginning of July I was visiting ’s Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands for the last seated part of my study. The first week of this Summer School we focused on current issues in creativity. We increased our content knowledge by researching journals and scholars, by writing a book review and by discussing future topics in the creative field. We visited the LEF future center and learned about how the environment influences your thinking. In the second week we practiced with advanced cognitive tools that might be applied in the Thinking Skills Model. Such tools help you to organize your thinking. For different forms of thinking you need to apply different tools. We expanded our thinking skills and filled our toolboxes with new tools. At the moment I am working on my Master’s project.

This study is a great journey!