We are excited sharing with you that it is highly likely a new cohort in Europe will be established this year. And the good news is: there are still some spaces left. So grab this chance to master your change skills and apply today!

Perhaps you are wondering what you can do with a Master of Science in Creativity and Change Leadership. There are many reasons for studying creativity, depending on your personal situation. The overarching incentive however, is to cope with all the changes in today’s life. Change is part of our lives and creative thinking will help us to survive in such an environment and it might even help us to flourish in it.

Quote dr. Gerard Puccio


Some examples of what motivated our alumni to study creativity:

  • Because I needed help with parenting – Ismet Mamnoon;
  • Because I believe creativity is the missing link – Silvie Gelinas;
  • Because I was looking for ways to engage my students – Jennifer Gippel;
  • Because we need new thinking to grow and transform – Janice Francisco;
  • Because I want to understand my own creativity & help others to discover and apply their creativity – Sarah De Greef.

You can find some testimonials of alumni here. Or watch some of the videos we made about why study creativity an what the program is about.






The program offers you:

  • a treasure of knowledge about creativity;
  • a mindset, skillset and toolset to embrace creativity and;
  • a lot of practical applications for adopting creativity.

Don’t miss the chance to master your change skills and work closely with change agents & creativity experts from all over Europe.