Faculty - Cyndi BurnettDr. Cyndi Burnett is an Assistant Professor, and Director of Distance Education Programs at the International Center for Studies in Creativity. A faculty member since 2001, she has led the center’s distance MSc program since its inception. Under her leadership, the program has developed a range of novel approaches to distance education including the use of customized collaborative 3D worlds, and the integration of social media to support diverse dialogue. The Master’s program attracts students from around the globe, and has developed a reputation for producing thought leaders in the creativity field.

Her research interests include developing new, and more effective ways to preserve, and enhance, children’s creativity; exploring the application of emerging collaboration tools; and the role of intuition within creative problem solving processes.

Dr. Burnett began her academic exploration of creativity by obtaining a BFA in Theatre and Dance, followed by an MSc in Creative Studies and an Ed.D in Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning from the University of Toronto.