Posted on Nov 22, 2016

Last week dr. Gerard Puccio was visiting Antwerp, Belgium, to conduct a series of Masterclasses. A great moment to get together with the students of the first cohort in Europe to celebrate that they successfully pursued their Graduate Certificate program in Creativity and Change Leadership.

Graduation Celebration Euriginals

In the summer of 2015 this cohort, named the Euriginals, started the program in ‘s Hertogenbosch with course CRS 559 ‘Principles in Creative Problem Solving’, delivered by dr. Roger Firestien. Last summer the Euriginals pursued the capstone course of this program, CRS 635 ‘Creativity and Change Leadership’, delivered by dr. Gerard Puccio. After the Summer School the Euriginals wrote their vision paper: a paper about their view on creativity and about their vision on how to bring about change and ignite creativity all over the world.

As the Euriginals graduated in August, most of them continue their academic endeavor to pursue a Master of Science program in Creativity and Change Leadership. The students are very enthusiastic about the program and pleased to be part of this creative community:

Yves: “This MSc is by far my richest stretch of education so far.”

Carian: “After one year of studying I dare say that the work I do results in more health and well-being. For me, for the people I work with and for the people I work for. It is the creative attitude and process that makes the difference.”

Conny: “This study not only deepens my knowledge, it gives me the opportunity to internalize what I’m learning. It facilitates my growth from consciously skilled into unconsciously skilled. All this, in a warm community with friends for life.”

On Friday November 18th dr. Gerard Puccio handed out the certificates in person to the Euriginals who were present. For those who could not join, a Skype connection made sure they could experience the celebration.

Dr. Puccio mentioned the unique collaboration between the International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC) in Buffalo and COCD in Antwerp. This collaboration has made it possible to pursue ICSC’s Master program in Europe. Having a cohort in Europe once was the vision of Branko Broekman, when he pursued the Master program. He is now director of the program in Europe.

Consult this website if you want to learn more about the program or contact us and we’ll tell you all about it.