There are thousands, if not millions of books on creativity, change and leadership.
Here’s a couple of our favourites:

Books - Creative Leadership

Creative Leadership: Skills That Drive Change
By Gerard J. Puccio, Marie Mance, Mary C. Murdock

Successful leadership today relies heavily on an individual’s ability to effectively respond to and proactively drive change—in short, to be creative. This book helps readers enhance their creative talents and employ these skills as a leader. New to the Second Edition is an expanded discussion of the important role creativity plays in leadership, a more extensive account of the skills necessary to be an effective creative leader, a broader range of historical and contemporary examples, and enhanced graphics throughout that bring the Creative Problem Solving model to life visually.


Books - Think better

Think Better: An Innovator’s Guide to Productive Thinking
By Tim Hurson

Think you think as well as you can? Think again. more productively, more creatively, more effectively. Based on Tim Hurson’s acclaimed corporate innovation seminars, Think Better shows you a proven, repeatable process that will help you have more ideas, better ideas, more of the time.  Tim Hurson’s Productive Thinking model has helped thousands of people in Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 corporations around the world think more creatively, more innovatively, and more productively. Learn the real secret of the great minds in history — that productive thinking is a skill that can be learned and developed.


Books - Creativity Today

Creativity Today
by Ramon Vullings & Igor Byttebier
Creativity Today -the management book on applied creativity- has inspired tens of thousands of managers, teachers and students around the world. Creativity Today has facilitated breakthroughs in business and education alike. Creativity Today is clear, practical, fun, and rich with twenty years of experience. The book is a personal creativity coach, offering ideas, exercises and inspiration. Users (not just readers, in other words), are encouraged to grasp the essence of creativity, to put what they have learned into practice and to inspire others. If you want to learn how to generate and enrich ideas more easily, to become an inspiring coach for creative sessions, Creativity Today will help you find answers to your challenges today.