Both the Graduate Certificate and the Master Program is a mix of Summer Schools and Distance Courses. The Summer Schools will be conducted at the Koning Willem I College. The College is located in ‘s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

The Distance Courses are a blend of assignments, working online in subgroups and online group discussions. All the assignments and group discussions will be facilitated by the use of Blackboard Learn™, an online learning environment.

The program consists of a Graduate Certificate and a Master Program, divided into six blocks and three elective courses.


Graduate Certificate Program

Summer School Block One:
Becoming a Facilitative Leader

Distance Course Block Two:
Understanding Yourself and Becoming an Informed Consumer of Creativity Resources

Distance Course Block Three:
Becoming an Agent for Change in Your Organization

Summer School Block Four:
Deepen and Broaden Theoretical Foundations- Becoming a Reflective Practitioner


Master Program

Elective courses:
You must complete a total of 3 electives by the end of Block Six.

Summer School Block Five:
Exploring and Understanding Current Issues

Distance Course Block Six:
Applying Your Mastery