We had a great time during the 2018 Summer School at the Koning Willem I college in Den Bosch, the Netherlands.

On June 24 we had an orientation session with the students of the new cohort. There was time to get to know each other and to meet alumni of ICSC’s program in Creativity and Change Leadership.  An interactive program was interspersed with an introduction by dr. Gerard Puccio about the Master’s program and about the history of the International Center of Studies in Creativity.


CRS 559 class impression

In the first week of the Summer School Ismet Mamnoon introduced the students to the principles of Creative Problem Solving. Participants received instruction based on a program that has resulted from more than 60 years of research and development. This first course of the Graduate Certificate program emphasizes the application of the Creative Problem Solving (CPS) framework and tools on challenges, goals, and opportunities that people face in their personal and professional lives.


CRS 610 class impressionStudents had to dive in the CPS process and master their facilitation skills during the second week of the Summer School. The CRS 610 course is an investigation of aspects in cultivating creative behavior. It provides advanced supervised practice in the use of effective methods and techniques for nurturing creative problem solving. The course also examines difficulties encountered by facilitators in a variety of group settings. This course was conducted by Branko Broekman.


After two weeks of hard work it was time to celebrate on Friday July 6. Of course with a Dutch bite: “bitterballen”.

Dutch bite _ Bitterballen