In November Liz Monroe-Cook and Branko Broekman will take you on an experiential tour about how to lead constructive change. If you want to enlarge your influence in transforming mindset and organizational climate, attend the ‘Dance with your dragons’ training program.

In this 2-day training program you will experience an active introduction in how to enlarge and enhance your influence. You will focus on yourself, on others and on the environment in order to create the dance floor for the “dance with dragons.”

The Dance With Your Dragons training has touched me on a personal level. The training activated me to turn a weakness into an opportunity.
After the training I felt kind of restless in a good way.  Compliments!

–  Bas Antonis (STUDIO.WHY, the Netherlands)
The dragons of transformation and leadership are personal limits, organizational mindsets, and the challenges of complexity. People who have the task or opportunity to lead significant change can sometimes be intimidated by the fuzzy front end of it.

Tolerance for complexity is an important skill for a change leader, as well as the ability to distinguish a problem to solve from a polarity to manage. In this training you will learn the principles of polarity thinking and practice the both/and thinking that is connected with it.

The concept of polarities is an ancient one. Research on this mode of thinking stems from the field of psychology. Barry Johnson, founder of the Polarity Partnerships, has developed a model to visualize the both/and thinking. This model, the Polarity Map, will be used in the training. You will experience the power of thinking in polarities and how it will help you to be more innovative and agile. 

Topics covered
  • Constructive change and dragons
  • You as a creative leader
  • Planning for the future: walking the Polarity Map
  • Creative climate
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Tolerance for ambiguity
Learning Objectives

Transform yourself: Identify the personal features that allow you to walk the talk of a creative leader.

Transform climate: Set the climate for innovative mindsets in your organization.

Transform dilemma: Leverage the paradoxes that come with your challenges and opportunities.

Thoroughly enjoyed exploring how my dragons limit me and the freedom that polarity thinking and walking can bring.

–  Thinc-er in residence  (Rejig, Ireland)
Liz and Branko gave us in a creative way guidance: the personal scores on the leadership polarities provide participants with tools to become a more aware dancer!

–  Elise Verberg (the netherlands,
   BedrijfsMotivaties // Instant Sabbatical)

2-Day training program on Monday November 19 and Tuesday November 20, 2018


Impact Hub Amsterdam, Linnaeusstraat 2C, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Facilitators: Liz Monroe-Cook and Branko Broekman
Liz Monroe-Cook, Ph.D, has extensive experience as a consulting psychologist focusing on individual, group and organizational effectiveness. She uses creative thinking skills and Polarity Thinking in much of her facilitation, training and coaching work. She draws much of her own learning from the fields of cognitive and social psychology. She serves as a leader at the Creative Problem Solving Institute, is a graduate of the Polarity Management Mastery Program, and is affiliated with Thinkx intellectual capital and Polarity Partnerships, LLC. She is the recipient of the Creative Education Foundation’s Distinguished Leader award, and presents at many creativity and professional development workshops, including CPSI, CREA, Florida Creativity Weekend as well as Mindcamp. A rich array of work settings and clients — academic, corporate, government and nonprofit — has given Liz many opportunities to focus on creativity elements!
Branko Broekman, M.Sc., came home in 1997 to the inspiring, rich world of creative thinking. Since then he helps people to cook with the egg of Columbus. The fun and passion that springs up when people are forging surprising, original alternatives for complex questions is his drive in work and life. As a facilitator of creative sessions and as a trainer he offers an effective structure to switch on one’s imagination and to create. He shares his experience tending to change processes. As a consultant for organizations that have a drive to change; as a coach for individuals where needed. He has worked with numerous individuals, companies and non-profit organizations throughout Europe, the Middle East, North America, Asia and Africa. He is a certified Master Coach in intercultural NLP.

Originally skilled as a landscape architect and environmental engineer, Branko experienced the power of creative thinking when he was working as a project leader on the restoration of natural areas at the Ministry of Transportation and Water Management in the Netherlands. It made him decide to pursue his Master in Creativity and Change Leadership at the International Center for Studies in Creativity, in Buffalo, New York. He lives his artistic creativity as a sculptor.

Who will attend?

Leadership is about action, not position. Anyone who acts as a catalyst or facilitator of change will benefit of this training. We expect change leaders, (project)managers, consultants and facilitators to take part. No special prior knowledge is required. Just wear your curious hat and bring on your active & sharing attitude.

To “Dance with Your Dragons” is to identify and positively manage the thought patterns and emotional habits which impact your ability to achieve desired results and to be effective as a leader.

– Anthony Hyatt  (Moving Beauty, Maryland, U.S.)
The energetic duo Liz Monroe-Cook and Branko Broekman take participants on an inspiring journey through various creative methods.
On the way you stop regularly to look at yourself and are challenged to read your own acting, emotions and experiences.
In a relaxed atmosphere you work intensively towards an inspiring encounter with your own dragon.

– Erik Koldewijn (ROC Twente, the netherlands)

This training is organized in co-creation with COCD and the Academy for Creative Leadership.
The general terms of the Academy are applicable.

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