Has your first month of the year also flown by? Ours did! We were happy to introduce some new people into the world of creative thinking and complex problem solving. Our board member, Dorte Nielsen, was on a trip to South America to promote her book “The Secret of the Highly Creative Thinker”. Our director, Branko Broekman, travelled to Italy to ignite creativity. And closer to home we delivered several short training programs in Belgium and the Netherlands.

In January there was, again, viral activity on social media about creativity as a highly demanded skill. This time the trigger was a LinkedIn publication about the skills employers are looking for most in 2019. And guess what? Creativity is on top of the list!
The analysis of LinkedIn is in sync with a report about the Future of Jobs, published by the World Economic Forum. These publications are underlining a trend that is becoming increasingly sturdy and has first become apparent in 2010 with the IBM report ‘Capitalising on Complexity’.

So the need for creative thinking & complex problem solving is high and the demand for creativity professionals is increasing.

Now what if you have had a busy schedule in January, and almost missed the deadline to apply for ICSC’s Master program in Creativity and Change Leadership in Europe? 

We could not let that happen.

Thus we have extended the application deadline. The new deadline for the 2019 cohort in the Netherlands is March 17. 

To study creativity is to study humans at their best. Business executives consider it the most essential characteristic of leadership in the 21st Century. Psychologists consider it the highest form of self-actualization. Today educators consider it the highest expressions of learning. While creativity may once have been considered a pleasant novelty, today creative problem solving is a 21st century survival skill. As technology takes over routine jobs, our professional and personal success depend on it. 

So, you are just-in-time to start this new journey and increase your creative leadership skills. 

We are looking forward to be meeting you in Den Bosch on June 23, 2019. 

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