Branko Broekman

Branko Broekman


Branko Broekman, M.S., is an adjunct lecturer at the ICSC. He is director for ICSC’s distance Master’s program in Europe. When pursuing the program himself, his vision was to ignite creativity around the world by organizing the program in Creativity and Change Leadership in Europe. He brought his vision to life in 2015, the year the first cohort in Europe was established.

At CreAspect, his own company, Branko facilitates problem solving processes and innovation. He has worked with numerous individuals, companies and non-profit organizations throughout Europe, the Middle East, North America, Asia and Africa. Branko is also working as a trainer and facilitator at the Centrum voor de Ontwikkeling van het Creatief Denken (COCD) in Antwerp.

Branko holds a M.S. in Creative Studies from Buffalo State, State University of New York. He is a certified Master Coach in intercultural NLP and lives his artistic creativity as a sculptor.

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