As you might have heard already: We have constituted a new cohort in Europe! On June 24 an impressive group of professionals, from several countries, all with a passion for creativity, will gather in ‘s Hertogenbosch, to start an exciting journey.

Quote studying creativity - Csikszentmihalyi

ICSC’s faculty is thrilled to bring their internationally recognized graduate program to Europe again. Together with the program office in Europe, they are now preparing a warm welcome for the new students.

The first block of the graduate certificate program focuses on becoming a facilitative leader. Ismet Mamnoon and Branko Broekman will conduct the courses about the principles, application and facilitation of the Creative Problem Solving process.

The seated courses of the program are hosted by the School voor de Toekomst of the Koning Willem I college in ‘s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

We are looking forward to shake hands with the new cohort members on June 24 in the welcoming atmosphere of the city ‘s Hertogenbosch.

Want to be part of the next cohort in 2019?
Check this website for more information.


Binnendieze in 's-Hertogenbosch, the NetherlandsPhoto credit: Steven Lek. Retrieved from Wikimedia Commons.