In March we had our first IN-conference in Amsterdam. Yes, it’s correct, not a conference, not a un-conference, but an IN-conference. Perhaps you’re now wondering what an IN-conference is, or thinking you have missed something in the latest trends.

Well if you weren’t able to join us, you really missed something. We came up with the idea of the IN-conference to extend the celebration of the graduation of the first cohort in Europe. And the format of the IN-conference worked very well!

IN-conference with lots of interaction


It was an INcredible, INspiring and

INteresting day with new INsights

in an INtimate setting.




The program started with a keynote of Dr. Gerard Puccio about change being inevitable and how you can deal with this as a person. “The guidelines for divergent thinking are principles for life”.

A Q&A with Dorte Nielsen, Gerard Puccio, Branko Broekman and the attendees of the IN-conference followed this keynote. We talked about the need for creative thinking in schools, the balance between conformity and creativity and more.

IN-conference keynote Gerard Puccio

IN-conference keynote dr Gerard PuccioIN-conference QandA




IN-conference QandA


After lunch Dorte and Branko facilitated a workshop about your personal growth. An intimate session, in which we looked inside ourselves for new insights and concluded with what initiative would be our next step in further personal and professional development.

INconference workshop Dorte and BrankoIN-conference working together
IN-conference working together interaction IN-conference with new insights









Finally the graduates presented their Master’s projects and the day closed with a graduation celebration.

IN-conference host Ingrid De Clercq

Our first IN-conference was facilitated by Ingrid De Clercq. And since we had a lot of positive feedback, we have decided to organize another IN-conference in November of this year. We will announce an exact date soon.