Join the next FourSight certification in Antwerp, Belgium, and learn to support the people side of innovation. The training will be conducted by dr. Gerard Puccio, chair of the International Center for Studies in Creativity and FourSight author and founder.

Foursight logoFourSight® Certification is the best way to maximize the impact of using FourSight in an organizational setting.

  • You will find out how international companies like Disney, BNP Paribas, BBC, L’Oreal, Vodafone and others use FourSight to deepen their understanding on how people collaborate for innovation.
  • You will learn the science behind the assessment and be exposed to new innovation tools and the FourSight process itself, which is based on 60 years of research in creativity and problem solving.
  • You will be coached to debrief FourSight results with individuals and groups. The trainer will share experiential activities you can use in FourSight events to produce “aha” moments for participants and show how individuals can work more effectively together.
  • In addition, you will learn how to interpret the nuances of different FourSight results i.e., interpreting combination profiles, analyzing a group profile and develop an awareness of the tools that help people clarify, ideate, develop and implement.

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Prior to the workshop, you will have the opportunity to take the FourSight online assessment. At the workshop, you receive your personal feedback as well as the complete suite of FourSight training materials.

After completing the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Use the FourSight profile to help individuals, groups and teams leverage their diverse thinking profiles.
  • Share a language that helps support creative collaboration.
  • Evaluate how a group’s profile impacts their approach to challenges and overall productivity.
  • Describe ways to communicate and problem solve effectively when working with 
people who have other preferences.
  • Describe how the FourSight framework can provide a foundation for a large-scale innovation effort.

This certification workshop is a perfect fit for innovation experts, HR and OD specialists, innovation leads, executive coaches, independent trainers and team leaders who are looking for a new tool to unleash creativity and innovation in people, teams and organizations.

Learn more about Foursight and the certification on their website.

Registration is possible till October 31, REGISTER TODAY to be sure of a place.