The ICSC, the COCD and King William I College decided to embark in a joint effort to offer Buffalo State’s Graduate Certificate and Master
Program in Creativity and Change Leadership in Europe.



International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC)

The ICSC is a unique academic unit within Buffalo State, State University of New York. Since 1967, they have trained students, groups, teams and organizations  to become more effective creative thinkers and problem solvers and to instill  these skills in others.  As the first school to offer a Master of Science degree in creativity,  the ICSC has achieved an international reputation for scholarly research and  teaching that focuses on developing creativity, leadership, decision-making and  problem solving skills.


Partners - COCD

Center for the Development of Creative Thinking (COCD)
COCD is an association of dedicated members and soul mates who deal with various aspects of applied creativity. They consult each other and immerse themselves in the applications of creative thinking. By means of publications, training, lectures and interactive sessions COCD propagates the creative spark they cause. Members, facilitators, trainers and the graduates of the expert program in Creative Thinking, they all challenge themselves in the field of “applied creative thinking”.


Partners - KW1C- School voor de Toekomst

King William I College – School for the Future
School for the Future: the left and right hemispheres of King William I College. On the one side logic and analytical thinking, on the other creativity and multiple intelligences. At the School for the Future,  high-quality technology and purposeful creativity form the basis for trail-blazing learning processes. Here, the three aspects of the digital era are combined in an inspiring way: physical space, mental space and cyberspace.

Partners - KW1C- School voor de Toekomst