“I wanted to learn how to change my life from what I had to what I really wanted”.

A quote of one of ICSC’s alumni. His wish for a different future brought him to pursue the Master Program in Creativity and Change Leadership.  An excellent example of what planning for your future might bring. 

You are on the doorstep of 2019. How about what the new year will bring? What changes would you like to see happen? Wouldn’t it be great to learn more about the power you have in a change process? Pursuing the Master program in Creativity and Change Leadership might be an excellent option for you. To learn how to change your life from what you have to what you really want. 

The International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC) has been in existence for 50 years and ICSC is known around the world for its personally transformative programs that cultivate skills in creative thinking, innovative leadership practices and problem solving skills. Studying at the ICSC also means you are assured of a program grounded in one hundred years of research and of more than 50 years of experience in teaching creativity creatively.

If you are open to a transformative experience, register today to get the colorful brochure with all the details of ICSC’s program in Europe. 

We hope to be meeting you at the end of June in the Netherlands. For now we wish you and your beloved ones a healthy, creative and joyful new year. 

The program office in Amsterdam is closed from December 24 until January 7. In this period it might take a bit longer before we will respond to your e-mail.