CRS 614  Advanced Cognitive Tools for Creative problem Solving
The CPS model continues to be developed and refined. The most recent development of the CPS model – Creative Problem Solving: The Thinking Skills Model – approaches CPS as a framework for developing thinking. That is each step of the process is designed to engage a different thinking skill. This course has a focus on developing students’ skills in applying and facilitating advanced creative problem-solving tools that involve diagnostic, visionary, strategic, ideational, evaluative, contextual, and tactical thinking. The cognitive tools are drawn from various fields, such as quality improvement and strategic management, and include decision making and various problem-solving models. By describing CPS as a framework that engages thinking, we are now able to draw into the CPS model a diverse array of tools from such fields as quality improvement, strategic management, and decision-making. In essence CPS becomes the organizing framework for problem-solving tools.