CRS 596  Conference course:
CREA Conference, Sestri Levante, Italian Riviera
One of the main international conferences on creativity, innovation and leadership. Since 2003, every April CREA offers its innovative programs and workshops and allows time and space to be creative, while learning how to live and work creatively. Sestri Levante, Italy is the setting for this unique mix of people, cultures and ideas. 

Through a broad array of programs and workshops focused on creativity and innovation as well as through other activities, such as the labyrinth, biodance, drumming, meditation tent and more. Participants will learn the latest models and theories in creativity, along with new tools and techniques for applying them to daily life and work. As well, a variety of 90-minute workshops (Expos) offer participants a chance to customize their learning throughout the conference.
Check the CREA website for information about the next conference.