Time investment
The Summer Schools come with preparatory assignments in the weeks before the two courses start, two intensive weeks of learning and assignments that are to be completed some weeks after.

During the Distance Courses, most students spend an average of 8-12 hours a week on course work and group discussions.

The investment for the Graduate Certificate Program and for the Master Program will be equal to the tuition established by Buffalo State, State University of New York.

At present, the fee for the Graduate Certificate Program is $ 14.925. At the current exchange rate this amount equals to € 12.156*.

The fee for the Master program depends on the tuition rate of the electives of your choice. To give you an indication: at present, the fee for a Master program with two required courses and three distance courses at SUNY, would be $ 8.618. At the current exchange rate this amount equals to € 7.024*.

* Per January 19, 2018

The tuition is exclusive of:

  • Application costs
    The application fee is € 65. The fee is non-refundable. Other expenses for application are the TOEFL test, the diploma transcripts and the degree evaluation. The fee is determined by the organization you have to consult or wish to choose.
  • Travel and lodging expenses
    The program is a mix of Summer Schools and Distance Courses. The Summer Schools will take place in the first two weeks of July (generally week 27 and 28), at the Koning
    Willem I College in ‘s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.
    You must complete a total of 3 electives by the end of Block Six. Depending on the electives of your choice you might have additional travel and lodging expenses.
  • Study material
    We advise you to set aside a budget of € 800 for books and other relevant study material.