Studying Creativity and Change Leadership has given me the knowledge, skills and attitudes to provide healthy problem solving environments. Co-creative environments in which people can flourish, everyone can join equally, confidence and joy in creating grow, and beautiful outcomes naturally follows.

I am becoming a “creative environmentalist”.  You too?

Carian van der Sman

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I was attracted to this Master Program because of the solid academic roots of the Creative Problem Solving approach and because of all the good program references I heard.

The activity-based approach between students and with professors stimulated me to expand my professional focus on creativity in a very enriching way. The program made me grow as a solid master in creativity and change.

Erik op ten Berg

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The program provided me with very important life skills of creativity that can be applied in any situation where new thinking and new perspectives are relevant, and that is almost anywhere.

The program also taught me that “failure” is also part of the creative process as it helps you to figure out what works and what does not.

Florian Rustler

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Hear what Ingrid’s highlights were after one year of studying creativity at ICSC in Europe.

Ingrid De Clercq is an Euriginal, student of the first cohort in Europe.

Hear what made Nicolette decide to start ICSC’s program in Creativity and Change Leadership.

Nicolette Wever is an Euriginal, student of the first cohort in Europe.

I loved the balance between theory and practice, you need both when you go out there in the business world. Practice grounded in theory allows you to be confident in front of a group, and a client, and to anchor the activities and techniques you use into solid knowledge.

My life has flourished in all respects: when you learn to turn challenges into opportunities, you start looking at the world and at other people in a new way, increasing your success and personal fulfillment in life.

Laura Barbero Switalski

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The content of the Master’s program was concrete and useful and I appreciated it even more over the years. Thanks to this program I have developed a creative mindset which allows me to think up ever new visions when required.

Today this is my daily job: I am passionate about supporting people and organizations that want to develop creativity to evolve.

Luciano Boccucci

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Creativity is a very interesting and intriguing domain. There are so many angles to this, so much to unveil, that many myths to tear down, so many theories to be interpreted.

Going through this with a cohort of people as passionate about creativity as I am, is a fun experience, creating friendships for life. This MSc is by far my richest stretch of education so far.

Yves De Smet

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