erik op ten berg

With about 20 years experience as a creativity professional I decided to participate in this Master Program to explore in depth the fundamentals and new horizons of creativity and creative thinking. I was attracted to this Master Program because of the solid academic roots of the Creative Problem Solving approach and because of all the good program references I heard at conferences like CREA.

During my distance study in 2010-2012 I obtained lots of practical and inspirational insights about the application of creativity in a work environment. The activity-based approach between students and with professors stimulated me to expand my professional focus on creativity in a very enriching way.

As part of the assignments I developed several tools to use in my own client work. And I wrote several practical papers on topics that had my interest. I focused my final master project on Everyday Creativity. It was the big finale of a precious two years discovery journey. The program made me grow as a solid master in creativity and change.

Want to know more about Erik’s work, visit his website www.pioenconsult.nl

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