florian rustler

The Master’s program in Creativity had a strong impact on my life. It provided me with very important life skills of creativity that can be applied in any situation where new thinking and new perspectives are relevant, and that is almost anywhere.

I used the knowledge to give my training and consulting company Creaffective a new direction focusing on creativity and innovation. The knowledge acquired in the program is an important and credible foundation for that.

My Master’s project was about applying the creative thinking skills as well as the Creative Problem Solving Process to develop a concrete concept for a business venture I was thinking about at that time. The project helped me to develop the concept to a level of maturity that allowed me and my partners to get appropriate feedback from the market. In the end I decided not to implement it, as the market situation was not as good as initially hoped. The Creative Studies program fortunately also taught me that “failure” is also part of the creative process as it helps you to figure out what works and what does not and to learn from your mistakes.

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