luciano boccucci

My experience in Buffalo with the program was very interesting and rewarding. The content of the Master’s program was concrete and useful, and I appreciated it even more over the years. I had the opportunity to incubate and assimilate in a concrete way how to apply it to my real professional life.

When I enrolled for the Master’s I was subconsciously ready for a change but I didn’t realize to which degree. So the program enhanced my creative vision for my professional life and, as a result, this has been achieved. Stretching creative thinking and applying it to something concrete has allowed me to achieve my objectives. Thanks to this program I have developed a creative mindset which allows me to think up ever new visions when required.

My paper was about the transition to new professional life: how to apply a creative process to a corporate identity. I quit my previous job as Leader in a multinational organization and I founded NoStopEvolution (NSE), a company focused on supporting people and organizations in daring more, using creative thinking skills. Today this  is my daily job: I am passionate about supporting  people and organizations that want to develop creativity to evolve. So creativity in my professional experience has been applied so far to people, to company environments, to products and services.

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