yves de smet

Yves is one of the Euriginals, the first cohort in Europe. After one year of studying, when he had earned his Graduate Certificate, we asked him some questions. Here’s what he told us about his creative journey.

What made you decide to study creativity?

At work I gradually developed an interest in where ideas come from, how one defines a “good” idea, and how better ideas can be found – individually, and in teams. During my MBA studies I got intrigued by (a) the important role of creativity in (amongst many others) entrepreneurship, negotiation and innovation, and how that contrasted with (b) how little time was spent explaining what creativity was and how it worked. The fact that this is a Master’s of Science degree was important to me; it was a guarantee that this would not just be a bunch of popular scientific stories, but based on well-grounded scientific research and methodologies.

What are the highlights of your studies so far?

I’m getting to grips with creativity, creative problem solving, facilitation thereof, and all this from a fundamental/academic point of view. This learning is reinforced with a lot of hands-on assignments on the job or in my community. Moreover I’ve learnt a lot about myself, about “how I tick”, and how I can better leverage my strengths to live a richer life, privately and professionally. I’m getting to know what I don’t know, which makes me a wiser person. The book titles I come across that make me think “I want to read that one day” is growing so fast that I decided to eat healthier, drink less and sport more so as to hopefully live longer.

What would you tell someone who is considering to pursue this program?

Creativity is a very interesting and intriguing domain. If you think you knew that, come study here for a year and think again. There are so many angles to this, so much to unveil, that many myths to tear down, so many theories to be interpreted. It’s so old yet so young as a discipline. Few people realize there’s this much science to it. Although there is still so much to be understood and discovered too; it’s a very young science compared to others like math or physics – which makes it exciting to become part of a still rather small community of scholars studying creativity. Going through this with a cohort of people as passionate about creativity as I am, is a fun experience, creating friendships for life.

This MSc is by far my richest stretch of education so far.

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