Elective courses are courses that can be chosen freely, provided that the International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC) faculty approves of the desired course. You must complete a total of 3 electives by the end of Block Six.

Possible options, however not exclusive, are described here.


CRS 530  Creative Teaching and Learning in Formal & Informal Settings
This course focuses on current best practices to facilitate creative teaching and learning in formal and informal education settings.  Formal settings include educational institutions at all levels of education from early childhood care to university. Informal settings include organizations with deliberate education related mission such as museums, clubs and training divisions of organizations.  Informal settings can also be organizations and groups who provide the space and experiences that promote creative education such as maker spaces, after school care, programing in parks and families. Strategies to enhance creativity education, engage in creative learning and utilize technology to support students’ creative activities are explored. Students will design learning episodes to integrate creativity into their education practice and plan for creative learning throughout the educational institution.


CRS 594  Applied Creativity Research
The purpose of this course is to provide students with the opportunity to improve their understanding of and the ability to develop empirical research articles on creativity through learning a variety of research methods and data analysis approaches. Students are engaged in the application of their research skills into development of a literature review, research questions, and a manuscript with data analysis, results, and interpretation of the findings. The goal is to let students experience publication process from the beginning to the end using the collected data or new data to be collected.


Creativity Expert Exchange Conference logo

CRS 596  Conference Course: Creativity Expert Exchange, Buffalo, NY
The International Center for Studies in Creativity organizes an annual conference to offer the creativity community the Creativity Expert Exchange (CEE) conference experience. CEE serves as a vehicle to involve alumni, students, faculty and other creativity experts in a vibrant community dedicated to supporting one another’s learning and practice.
The conference consists of a variety of workshops as well as social events to provide ample opportunity to reconnect with friends and colleagues, be reenergized by the exciting advances of our community, and feel refreshed by the creative, supportive environment that defines the ICSC experience.


CREA conference logo

CRS 596  Conference course: CREA Conference, Sestri Levante, Italian Riviera
One of the main international conferences on creativity, innovation and leadership. Since 2003, every April CREA offers its innovative programs and workshops and allows time and space to be creative, while learning how to live and work creatively. Sestri Levante, Italy is the setting for this unique mix of people, cultures and ideas. Through a broad array of programs and workshops focused on creativity and innovation as well as through other activities, such as the labyrinth, biodance, drumming, meditation tent and more. Participants will learn the latest models and theories in creativity, along with new tools and techniques for applying them to daily life and work. As well, a variety of 90-minute workshops (Expos) offer participants a chance to customize their learning throughout the conference.


CRS 614  Advanced Cognitive Tools for Creative problem Solving
A focus on developing students¿ skills in applying and facilitating advanced creative problem-solving tools that involve diagnostic, visionary, strategic, ideational, evaluative, contextual, and tactical thinking. The cognitive tools are drawn from various fields, such as quality improvement and strategic management, and include
decision-making and various problem-solving models.


CRS 619  Organizational Creativity and Innovation

Current research and practice related to organizational creativity and innovation. Developing skill in leading innovation and change initiatives in organizations from an applied perspective.


Foursight logo

FourSight certification workshop
The workshop allows to get fully equipped to deliver FourSight to individuals, groups and teams. This 2-day course is a perfect fit for innovation consultants, HR and OD specialists, executive coaches and team leaders who are looking for a tool to unleash creativity and innovation in teams and organizations. From time-to-time FourSight Certification is offered as part of the CREA and CEE conferences. Additionally, arrangements may be made for FourSight certification when there is sufficient interest among students.


The courses mentioned above are possible options, the list is not exclusive. Which elective you want to pursue is depending on your preference and the availability of the course in the timeframe of your program. It is possible to pursue other electives, either at Buffalo State or at a university of your choice. The student is fully responsible to select and organize his/ her participation in such a course. It is also the student’s responsibility to check if the elective course of his/ her choice meets the requirements of the Graduate School and to obtain the approval of the faculty for the course. Buffalo State’s course descriptions can be found in the Graduate Catalog, available at http://ecatalog.buffalostate.edu/graduate/