Ongoing development of leadership models during the last century has drawn a close connection between creativity and leadership. At the core of many current leadership models is the concept of change—how to foster and manage it. This concept is clearly reflected in the language used to describe the essence of leadership today. For instance, many leadership theories focus on visionary, transformational, and change leadership. In addition, the view that leadership consists of a set of specific attributes that one has or does not have has shifted to a view that leadership skills can be learned.

The ability to think creatively is an essential leadership skill: the creative process brings about change. Often, a leader must act as a catalyst for change. Thus, it is imperative for leaders to learn how to facilitate their own creative thinking, as well as those they work with, to bring about productive change (i.e., new products, services, resolution to problems, opportunities, etc.).

The International Center for Studies in Creativity (ICSC) credentials creativity through diverse programs that cultivate skills in creative thinking, innovative leadership practices and problem solving techniques. Their Graduate Certificate Program in Creativity and Change Leadership provides students with the knowledge and skills that can put them in a better position to operate as change leaders.

Leadership is a process. This certificate program teaches students how to better manage this process. The program applies more than 50 years of research, development, and practice in the field of creativity toward leadership development.

The program is not designed strictly for those in formal leadership roles; anyone can learn how to positively influence others as a leader. Leadership is about action, not position.

After completing this graduate certificate program, which is awarded by the State University of New York, students can choose to continue with the Master of Science degree in creativity. Both the Graduate Certificate Program as well as the Master Program in Creativity and Change Leadership are conducted by the faculty of the ICSC, Buffalo State, State University of New York (SUNY).


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